I make no claims to original thought on this page. I wanted a place to write down the ideas that I’ve had, which are derived from many different writers, thinkers, and experiences. Any originality is incidental.

Materialism appeared to me as a valid philosophical premise based on my realization that matter—physical things—are all that exist, and the way materials interact determines the course of history. Nonmaterial things—also known as feelings, thoughts, and ideas—are the result of the interactions and movements of different chemicals in the brain. They have no existence or power of their own.

Additionally, I realized that human life, or any life, or the world, or nature itself, has no intrinsic value, and it is only humans that care about our own existence—not nature, not God, not spirits. This led me to wonder how meaning can be created in life.

My conclusion is that the manner in which a person affects his or her material reality determines the meaning of his or her life. This page is my attempt to explore the implications and repercussions of that understanding, as it relate to our thoughts, values, convictions, actions, and ideas of power, authority, freedom, justice, love, truth, and reality.